Memories We can Never Escape

9/13/2014 03:29:00 AM

There are these pieces we call MEMORIES...
So many years, so many days, so many thoughts, so much time with so many memories. Yesterday has gone forever, but it never runs out. Today will be called yesterday when tomorrow comes, leaving memories behind. Memories that sometimes made us laugh for no reason at all or even made us cry at the middle of that sleepless night.
Wide smiles, gitty faces,
Turn on the CAMERA, and say cheese ^_^

Taking pictures has been widely used to preserve most of our HAPPY memories.   Who don't want to? Looking through the old albums we've made brings back the memories so long ago; days, months and years which have passed. Old pictures showing how filthy our faces were when we're yet in our early teens. Looking back....
We don't remember days. We remember MOMENTS. 
Hidden Valley
Memories are the timeless treasures engraved into our minds and hearts. These cannot be cut out from our beings - the memories of our childhood years, highschool days, from then until now, remained, giving us chances to look and back telling us how far we've got. 
Life is short, live it. We only live once (WOLO/YOLO). Every moments we had, cherish it. Don't wait until it turns into a memory. Todays little moments, became tomorrows MEMORIES...


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