Reasons Why Sipa King Dishes are a "MUST-TRY"

7/16/2015 01:31:00 PM

"Where yummy experience awaits you....." - Sipa King

Sipa King

Sipa King, the first Sipa King food stand in Cebu opened last February 2014 at Mabolo Cebu City and later branched out to Juana Osmena St. (near STC and across Boosog baseline branch). Even with just a short span of time, Sipa King became a favorite common food place for the students and employees, reaping good reviews from their customers. Aside from offering affordably delicious dishes, Sipa King offers a one-of-a-kind homemade Chinese Dumplings called "SIPA" which has become their signature dish. Sipa King also serves rice meals, steamed rice, siomai, pork mami and lumpia shanghai.

So much more with that. Below are the reasons why #SIPAKING dishes are a must-try!
(PS: Sorry for these low-quality photos. I don't have a decent camera. Maybe sooner, I'll get one. fingers crossed)

#SIPACHINESEDUMPLINGS are simply MOUTH-WATERING (esp. when paired with their homemade sauce)!
Sipa King Dumplings

Sipa King Dumplings
Sipa King Chinese Dumplings for only P15/each!

#SIPAKINGSTEAMEDRICE can satisfy your empty stomach - ALONE.
Sipa King Steamed Rice
Sipa King's Steamed Rice for P40 per serving!
#SIPAKING offers a deliciously satisfying meal for less than P50.

Sipa King
Sipa King Lumpia
Sipa King's Pork Sausage Lumpia for only P8/each!
Sipa King Pork Mami
Pork Mami for P35 only!
Sipa King caters reservations from their customers but they're not into providing Delivery Service yet. For info and requests, see below for details. 

Sipa King
Brian Padilla, owner of Sipa King (Image Source: CebuDailyNews)

Sipa King's Contact Details

Address:         Juana Osmeña St. near STC and F.Cabahug St. near CIE, 6000 Cebu City
Operation Hours:    Monday to Saturday, From 7:00 am - 10:00 pm and Sunday, From 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mobile Number:        09321844686 / 09189197211
Email Address:
Facebook Page:         Sipa King

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  1. I wanna try this but I dunno where specifically in Osmeña St. :'(

    Jace |

  2. dapit ra ni sa mango ave. Jas, across Bosoog Baseline branch :D
    you should try their dumplings! :D

  3. Really mouth-watering dishes, Mira! Soooo yummy... now I'm hungry, thanks! ;-DDDD Hope you're doing well, dear!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! <3

    xoxo Ira