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Canyoneering, Badian

Last October 11, 2015, we had canyoneering or canyoning at Badian, Cebu and I must say I have been lucky enough to experience this activity for free together with other CBS members. I've been reluctant to say YES when Mark Monta, our CBS president, asked me if I wanted to join the activity. I know it would be great and fun - having to bond together with other CBS members for the first time and be able to visit Kawasan Falls for the first time, but the thought of jumping off from a cliff  and plunge into the deep waters really terrifies me. I told him I can't join since I don't have the budget for such activity, later did I know it was for free and I don't have any other excuse, other than this fear I had in mind! This terrifying yet incredible experience all started with these words "Count me in!". Yes, I decided to join this activity and I never regretted a thing for doing so.

Canyoneering Kawasan Falls
CBS Members together with Sir Isau, head of Kawasan Nature Park Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Canyoneering Cebu
Left: CBS Member's group photo before canyoneering
Right: Me, Hannah, Ate Guada and her ever outgoing ex-boyfriend ♥

canyoneering cebu, Badian
Me and Hannah, before heading for Canyoneering

canyoneering cebu, Badian
The group agreed to meet at South Bus Terminal at around 5:00 AM. I forgot the exact time we departed but they say it usually takes 3-4 hours travel from Cebu City to Badian. We arrived at around 7:45am at La Playa, Beach Resort. Imagine how fast the bus driver drove to allow us to arrive at our destination that fast! Even the canyoneering coordinator was surprised on how early we were and immediately fasten their pace in preparing our breakfast. Breakfast is included in their package by the way.

Transportation Rates:
  • Ordinary bus – 126/person
  • Air-conditioned bus – 136/person

So what to bring when you go Canyoneering?
These are the lists of things I'm sure is important during the activity. There are other things I brought but I think they're not as needed and useful as the mentioned things below. I'd like to share this one since I also searched online on what to wear and bring before our activity.

1. Proper swimming clothes
- NO. I'm not talking about two-piece swimsuits here, but you can take the risk if you wanted to. Most of us wore rash guards and leggings to protect ourselves from bruises and sunburns during the activity, but you could always prompt for any clothes you think is comfortable for you. You won't be going on a smooth, easy trail so be sure enough to choose the right clothes.

Also, please learn from my mistake. I searched online on what to wear during the activity but really, I do hope somebody warned me beforehand not to buy that thin, cotton leggings I used during canyoneering to stop that funny but humiliating moment from happening. My leggings got ripped out during the sliding part. HAHA.

2. CrossFit Training Shoes/Aqua Shoes/Men Sandals (optional)
- If you have your own aqua shoes or secure men sandal, then you better bring that one. This is tagged as optional since water shoes are included in the package as well, however, they vary in sizes and may not fit perfectly on you. But you don't have to worry on this one, Sir Isau or Ate Chevy would surely ensure you are wearing the right shoes that would help you finish the activity safely. Safety is their first priority, of course.

3. GoPro or any underwater Camera
- You surely would want to record and have pictures DURING the activity. You can opt to rent one or bring your own. Our guide informed us they do have GoPro for rent but you should inform them ahead to make reservations. I'd like to make this as a top priority, but of course, this is not the main necessity. The guides are carrying dry bags with them where you can put your phones and other valuable materials along the activity so you can use/check on them during random breaks.

4. Others
- This includes sunblock, towel, tumbler/water, power bank (which I needed that time but isn't there), extra money and extra clothes.. and the list goes on as you wish...

What to expect?
Expect a lot of thrilling jumps, endless swimming, a little of trekking and water sliding. AND an endless WOW's on rock formations and cerulean waters.

Definitely, the first and last jump are the most petrifying and exciting one. The first jump offers excitement, uneasiness plus nervousness (my foreword says it all).

 I think I was ready when I was yet looking behind them, but when my turn arrived, my knees started shaking. I was the last girl from our group to jump and it took me about 2 rounds of 1,2,3's count before I got the courage to jump. I closed my eyes and screamed all the way down. After then, I thought the second jump would be easier, but I still get chills down my spine whenever my turn arrives. 

and the LAST jump since it's the highest above all during the activity. Mostly, not only our group, decided not to jump on the last part since it's really "death-defying". We all lost our courage to jump on the last one, except Hannah and Ate Yang. I had so many attempts to try it (my dauntless side wanted to!) but whenever I'm standing at the edge of the cliff, I can't even manage to look down. I simply gave up when some of our groups started to make their way to the next part of the canyon.

But really, I think you should try it! I promised myself I'll try it on our next Canyoneering event.

Canyoneering, Badian
Photo  grabbed from Ian (another CBS member who joined the activity). Our last jump doubles the height of this cliff.
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian
Photo grabbed from Ate Ly (another CBS member who joined this activity)

Our guides never failed to remind us to wait for their go signal before diving or jumping into the water, to keep close with the group and to always watch our steps. We are advised to wear our life vest and helmet during the activity since there are certain parts of the canyon that are difficult to deal with and there are chances of falling rocks, accidental slips and falls. 

If it's your first time to experience this activity, I would highly recommend our guides to guide you as well. They are very familiar with the canyon and are very particular with the safety of their guests. Their team is a group of professionals, well-experienced and well-trained!

canyoneering cebu, Badian
Ate Yang - on her way for our 2nd jump
canyoneering cebu, Badian
canyoneering cebu, Badian

Downstream canyoneering starts in Kanlaob River of Alegria and ends in Kawasan Falls of Badian. Downstream canyoneering is recommended especially for us, beginners. We finished this activity after 4-hours of non-stop swimming, jumping, sliding and trekking at some parts. Though they say downstream canyoneering requires a little amount of strength and effort, and may not be that challenging (which I strongly disagree), jumping off the waterfalls do really requires a bit more courage.
Canyoneering, Badian
The Guides and Rates
- Canyoneering/canyoning is not an easy-to-go activity and isn't safe all the way. A wrong jump or a wrong slide may cause you an injury, that's why instructions and reminders of do's and dont's must be given before heading into it. In terms of guides, ideal ratio is 1 guide for 5 persons. There are operators offering lower rates compared with the others, very inviting that you wanna go grab and avail it right at that moment, not knowing your safety has been compromised. 

Current Canyoneering rate per person:
  • Php. 1,500/head for a group below 5 members
  • Php. 1,000pesos/head for 6 and above
  • others may offer it for Php. 800-Php. 900, but always make sure the number of your guides proportionate your group's headcount. There are parts of the canyons that need more than 1-man-strength to support you during the activity and assist you on making your way out from one place to another.
  • Life Vest, Aqua Shoes, Helmet, Set meal, Tours, Entrance Fees and Guides (Availing their set meal is optional and not including it will give you a much lesser rate.) 
Canyoneering, Badian
Canyoneering, Badian
Canyoneering, Badian
Canyoneering, Badian
Kawasan canteen's food/budget meal rates. 

My first ever unforgettable canyoneering experience was so far the best kind of adventure I had this year or my whole life. HAHA. It's beautiful. It's exciting. It's challenging. 
Though this activity is indeed exhausting (not to mention the extreme body pain you'll have the day after), this activity is incredibly rewarding. I'd definitely go back and experience it again, this time with no turning back and no second thoughts. I would highly recommend this one for those who are looking for another level of adventure. 

Thanks iCanyoneering Cebu and Kawasan Coop for this awesome experience. For best, safe canyoneering experience, you can contact below operators.

For bookings and queries:

iCanyoneering (iCanyon Cebu Canyoneering Group)
Contact Number: +63 917 654 6065
Email: |

Contact persons: Junior or Chevy
Kawasan Nature Park Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Contact Number: +63 927 582 1183
Contact person: Isauro Belarmino

Most photos are grabbed from FB uploads of my fellow bloggers:

Have you experienced canyoneering? How was it?

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