A Taste of Japanese Cuisine: Fave and Top Picks from Sumo Sam

6/18/2016 08:52:00 AM

Sumo Sam Cebu
Sumo Sam Restaurant, Cebu
Opening Hours: 
Mondays-Sundays (11:00 am - 11:00 pm)
Location: The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City
Sumo Sam is one of the leading Japanese chain restaurants in the Philippines serving excellent and authentic Japanese food in the city. SumoSam takes great pride in the transformation of the freshest ingredients into works of Japanese food art. Now, it has flourished into one of the largest Japanese chain Restaurants in the Philippines with close to 30 restaurants nationwide.

The Place:
I enjoyed the laidback atmosphere of the place. The ambiance is relaxing and the interior design is well-thought of - although it shows more of an American style and not more on the Japanese side. The place is spacious enough, which can cater large gatherings and events. I also appreciate the wide and welcoming outdoor seating at SumoSam, where the guests can engage for a light afternoon break after malling. I had a pleasant dining experience at SumoSam and the service was superb! I'd be delighted to pay a visit again soon.

Top Picks and Fave Foods from SumoSam's Menu

Sumo Sam Cebu Tempura
SumoSam's Ebi Tempura
Tempura will always be on top of my fave Japanese food list, and I think so does everyone. Japanese experience wouldn't be complete without this. A serving of SumoSam's Ebi Tempura consists of 5pcs of deeply fried tiger prawns with a size large enough to satisfy your cravings. One serving size can be shared by 1-2 persons. 
Sumo Sam Sukiyaki
SumoSam's Sukiyaki
Ah, this! I so love their sukiyaki. It has this distinct taste - a combination of sweet and salty flavor - that I really love and enjoy, although others find the soup just too sweet for their liking. It was my first time to try out their Sukiyaki and I must say it was flavorful and good enough to be included on my top list. 
Sumo Sam Steamed Gyoza
SumoSam's Steamed Gyoza
What I love with SumoSam's steamed gyoza is its sensational taste when paired with its special dipping sauce. One of SumoSam's delish and best-selling starters. They also have fried Gyoza available on their menu (Chicken or Pork). Serving size is good for 1-2 persons.

Sumo Sam Squid Head Karaage
SumoSam's Squid Head Karaage
Another SumoSam's starter. SumoSam's Karaage was ok and the serving is big, which I think could be shared by 1-2 persons. I love its crisp crunch flavor - although I think it would be best if it's paired with its own special spicy sauce.
- Mouthwatering and heavenly desserts from SumoSam. I've tasted SumoSam's Mango Jubilee and it was pretty good. Sure, I'm an ice cream lover but Mango Jubilee's creamy texture made it unique from the other desserts laid on the table. The creative presentation of Mango Jubilee was picture perfect and the taste was perfect too! It's definitely a must-try if you plan to visit SumoSam one of these days. 

[Top to Bottom: SumoSam's Crepe and Ice Cream and SumoSam's Mango Jubilee]
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SumoSam Restaurant, Cebu City 
Ground Floor, The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
for inquiries and reservations call: (32) 401-0643
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