Negros Travels: Oldest and Biggest Tree of Canlaon City

5/26/2015 08:33:00 AM

Balete Tree, Canlaon City
Oldest and biggest balete tree of Canlaon City. 
My vacation, albeit short, was undeniably satisfying. Yes, no regrets that I haven't been on the same trip with my friends down to Cebu's first ever wave pool and no regrets that I chose to travel alone on my way home and enjoy a 3-day vacation with my family. My hometown, Canlaon City is the home of Visayas' highest mountain - Mt. Kanlaon and of the oldest Balete Tree (locally called as "DALAKIT") of the province , and possibly even in the country. Aside from being tagged as the "oldest tree", Dalakit is gigantic in size that it takes about 42 grown men to encircle the trunk with their hands outstretched. Yes, remarkably large!

Balete Tree, Canlaon City
Source: Canlaon's Official FB Page.
Aerial view of Dalakit.
Balete Tree, Canlaon City
A guy totally made it to the top.
Sadly, I am a foreigner in my own city. It was my first time to visit the place and see how enormous it is with my own eyes. I've seen a lot of pictures, heard a lot of stories and compliments for this tree before but I haven't got the pleasure or interest to pay it a visit when I was yet in my early teens. My wanderlust is definitely a late bloomer, I guess.

This 1,328 yrs. old Balete Tree stands in the middle of rice and coffee plantation in Oisca Farm in Lumapao, one of Canlaon's far-off barangays. I tried to look for information on how old this tree is and saw this. It definitely is much of a history.

"..This tree is so old that it was already standing long before the Philippines was discovered by Magellan!" -

Balete Tree, Canlaon City

My father tried to climb on it but stopped immediately right after realizing he can hardly make it to the top.  I even tried to climb it myself but it really takes a lot of strength and courage to do so. And another thing is, climbing down would be harder than it seems. I simply gave up right after my first try. 

Tips: If you wish to visit here, you better bring foods with you and a blanket large enough to comfortably hold all of you. It's nice to have a picnic-style gathering under the shade of the tree rather than just occupying the benches at the side. Add up to experience. (*wink*)

After taking tons of pictures and videos that almost drained my battery (which made me panic a bit, lol), I asked my parents to rove around the place and check if there's still other spots to visit aside from Dalakit and surprisingly they brought me right into this place.  I immediately took photos in just a few seconds worried that my phone might shut down in a minute or so. Good thing the pictures are not that bad. Yey!

Oisca FarmOisca Farm
Oisca Farm

I don't know (and I totally forgot to ask) if this is a private hacienda (the way I see it
) or if it is a small eco-park but whatever it is, I enjoyed the ambiance while watching the horses from afar. I got excited when a caretaker passed by and without hesitation, I asked him if I can ride on one of their horses. Sadly, it's not allowed. I thought I'll be able to cross horseback riding out from my bucket list (I cry). Well, I realized it's not yet time for me to have my first horseback riding. Maybe when I get to Baguio? OR maybe I'll just have it in Papakits, what d'ya think?

Oisca Farm
Oisca Farm
Oisca Farm

Planning visit this place someday? Here's how!
  • From North Bus Terminal, ride a bus (either Delux or Air-conditioned) with "BACOLOD via CANLAON" signage. That'll cost you less than Php. 200. 
  • The bus will definitely take you Negros Island. Your first stop would be Toledo City. From there, you would be paying for the sea travel. That'll cost you less than Php. 200 (Standard accommodation)
  • The ship will dock at San Carlos port. You will again look for the bus you ride earlier. From San Carlos City, you'll have a straight 1-hour travel to Canlaon City. 

There are lots of things you can do there - mountain climbing, canyoneering, and many others. I haven't got the luxury of time when I went home, not a 3-day vacation would allow me to give you even just a glimpse of all the attractions in this beautiful place. Maybe someday, I will. So, see you there soon?

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  1. waahhaa XD bitaw.. naikog sad bitaw ko ani niya.. hahaha

  2. Wow! Would love to try to climb on this giant too! Guess I would give up too when there... :-DD Very impressive tree!!! Thanks for sharing, Mira! <3

    xxx Ira

  3. Yes, very impressive indeed. :)

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  5. Omg I was able to visit this place a few years back and I must say that tree was enormously creepy! :)